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28 Nov 2008

[ ?posts_id=1563365&dest=-1]Evolutionary Enlightenment explored with spiritual master Andrew Cohen.  With our fearless consciousness activists at EnlightenNext on a well deserved Thanksgiving break, we offer for your synaptical stimulation our special Live Turkey Mix excerpted from a talk AC gave February 2004.

[ ?posts_id=1562501&dest=-1]Guppyboy live reunion(?)– Jeff, Ziter, Zach and Mike haven’t been heard ’round these parts since a Battle of the Bands at  Memorial Auditorium in ’97!

[ ?posts_id=1562528&dest=-1]Capt Billy: Judo Christianity can kick your ass.

[ ?posts_id=1562573&dest=-1]Jesse Guma interview: Golden spawn of 2 legendary superstar lefties, Burlington native Jesse Guma rebelled in the most extreme way imaginable: plunging red diaper first into the pit of soulessness known as Tinseltown to produce schlocky movies designed not to redeem or reform, or perhaps even to entertain, but solely to $TACK CHIP$.  Large scale therapuetic life performance art?  Jesse unapologetically leaves that ponderence to the green “thinkers”, ‘cos he’s busy employing Rudy Youngblood (Apocalypto), Karl Urban (Bones McCoy in the new Star Trek, Bourne Supremacy) and wrestler Randy Couture in his latest adventure/thriller, Relentless.

[ ?posts_id=1562613&dest=-1]News at Noon with Greg Guma.  Special guest this week: Fp’s dad!  Drug news at 38:38.

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Burlington College scandal followup

Friday evening, FP and Sonny attended an emergency board of trustees meeting at Burlington College to which the public was invited. It began with an extraordinarily well-written statement read by one of the student representatives followed by a short board discussion. The discussion confirmed that the statement accurately reflected the overall sentiments of the student population but never directly addressed the concerns of the students.   It ended up being a very short meeting which was cut off before the faculty representative, Sandy Baird was allowed to speak. They then excused non-board members to have an “executive session.”

Executive Session Conclusion:

Draft Statement:

1. The board will have drafted a grievance policy by March.

2. The board will bring in an outside person to conduc an unbiased climate study of staff and faculty.

3. The board will “look at” the governance of the institution.

4. Everyone on the board voted to confirm the presidency of Jane Sanders except for Sandy Baird, the faculty representative, who abstained because Sanders has the power to fire her.

“Who would trust those people to write a good grievance policy when they are the same people who gave Jane Sanders a vote of confidence?”

-Genese Grill

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11/14/08 News at Noon

Deconstructing politics with Greg Guma, FP Cassini, Sonny Fortune and Kevin Ryan. News and outrageous dialogues. This edition: Bush Watch – secret operations and lame duck tactics, Alternative GOP futures, Barack as Marketer-in-Chief, Gay Marriage Update: Recent votes, Vermont could be next, Forecasting the next crisis, Cheney’s swan song, and drug news.Greg’s Comment: Honeymoon in Limbo. Vermont: Election Postmortem & First Amendment showdown in Burlington. PSA: The Howie Rose Show seeks new segment producers.
WOW MOMENT“I’m not on the ballot,” Laramie, WY, November 1, 2008. 
Dick Cheney drives the final nail into his and McCain’s political coffins

See clip at Maverick Media or:

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11/14/08 Interview with former Burlington College professor Genese Grill

A continuation of the conversation we had on October 24th with students from Burlington College about the firing of Genese Grill Ph.D., a much loved professor of writing, literature, cultural studies with just a few weeks left in the semester.  In this interview, Genese tells the Howie Rose Show how Jane Sanders, president of Burlignton College and wife of VT Senator Bernie Sanders (I) gave her only 15 minutes to vacate the office she had worked in for the last 5 years.  We also hear from Greg Guma, our politics man and, incidentally a former employee of the college. He provides us with a historical perspective on the institutional problems that Burlington College has experienced since its inception in 1972.  

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You can find the student perspective on the problems at Burlington College and the firing of their professor by scrolling down to the Oct. 24th post on this site.

Be sure to send your thoughts and encouraging remarks to Jane Sanders at

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November 7th, 2008

News @ Noon Preview, for 11/7/08 This WeekNader’s Last Stand, Advice from Michael Moore, Remembering Studs Terkel, Election Wrap Up, Vermont’s Secession Movement, drug news, and a comment on challenges facing progressives. Live Broadcast Friday, November 7, Noon EST, on The Howie Rose Show (WOMM), streamed on The Radiator

WOW MOMENT. “Uncle Tom,” November 4, 2008
Nader’s provocative question: Will Obama buckle under to corporate power?


Thanks for the preview Greg!

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October 31st, 2008


Deconstructing politics with Greg Guma, FP Casini and Sunny Fortune. This edition: The Real Obama & the Brzezinski connection, campaign red-baiting, imperialism and hierarchies, inaugural music, the Weather Underground, and the Manchurian candidate. Plus, Underreported News: stealing sand, improvements in voting, the electoral map and popular power, Sarah Palin’s SNL appearance (music) – and prospects, the new McCarthyism. Greg’s Comment: Putting Socialism on the Table. Final thoughts: leadership styles and Vermont politics. Bill Maher excerpt: with Bernie Sanders, Martin Short, and Ben Affleck.

Greg Guma from Maverick Media

Greg Guma from Maverick Media

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October 24th, 2008

This week we talked with Josh and Renee, students at Burlington College about the firing of professor Genese Grill, Ph.D.

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Interview with Scott Broderick, the guitarist and singer from The Lindbergh Baby and drummer of Blood Axis.

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NEWS AT NOON with Sulla Blane and Greg Guma from Maverick Media

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October 17th, 2008

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NEWS at NOON with FP Cassini, Greg Guma and Sulla Blane

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Our talk with William W., longtime community fixture known to many as Captain Billy, who is currently being held at Brooks 1 at Waterbury State Psychiatric Hospital. He appears to be heavily drugged as he shares a stream of consciousness conspiracy rant with us on the air.  Hang in there, Billy, our thoughts are with you! MAKE SURE THEY LET YOU VOTE.

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October 10th, 2008

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Guests: Fred “The Hammer”, Clif High, Greg Guma, Pretty & Nice, MC New Guy, Bill, and Greg Alexander

This week, we talked with Clif High about his practice of predictive linguistics. He is a linguist and computer programmer who runs the site The subscriptions to his newsletter are not free but you can find out about his predictions on, a website run by George Ure.

Fred “The Hammer” enlightens us!

We also spoke with Pretty & Nice. Check them out at

Greg Guma from Maverick Media, a local blog and Sulla Blane talk with us about the news.